Blueberries during and after COVID-19

Opportunities created by this pandemic for new players in Central Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa.

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Fall Creek delivers the blueberry industry's leading blueberry genetics, plants and technical support to growers around the globe.

COVID-19 has effected companies in every sector and every corner of the global economy, resulting in both problems and opportunities.

Fall Creek wants to focus some attention on the opportunities and share the positive effect of fruit consumption—especially Blueberry consumption—during COVID-19, driven by healthier eating habits of consumers in difficult times, and resulting in higher volumes and prices.

Hans Liekens, Commercial Manager EMEnA, Fall Creek says, "Growers are faced with an unseen pandemic causing worldwide disruption in all facets of their economic surroundings such as labor shortage, transport and distribution issues through the entire value chain, resulting in changes to consumer behavior." 

Cort Brazelton, Co-CEO of Fall Creek says, “Growers in Central Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa  are ideally located to help fulfill increasing consumer demand in the under-supplied months in Europe and have, by their geographical advantage, access to new and fast-growing consumer markets in Russia, the Middle East and the Far East."

Key Account Manager, Ronnie Kersten, will host the webinar. And both Cort Brazelton and Hans Liekens will be present to talk about the topics which will impact you as a potential newcomer in the industry. They will also share insights and strategies, enabling growers to respond proactively to these new market opportunities, all while still recognizing local challenges and limitations.

Further Details:

To give you a head start, we’ll elaborate on these topics in Fall Creek´s a webinar structured like a "mini course". This webinar will take place on Thursday May 28th, 2020 (15.00-15.30) with a limited number of 25 participants. 

In this 25-minute webinar, Fall Creek will cover the following topics:

     •   Global interest in blueberries during COVID-19 – Cort Brazelton
     •   EMEnA fruit and blueberry consumption during COVID-19 – Hans Liekens
     •   New and existing health research in blueberries – Cort Brazelton
     •   EMEnA retail reaction on product, price and volumes – Hans Liekens
     •   Discussion – All

Date: May 28, 2020    

Start time:

Europe: 15.00h

Morocco: 13.00h

Dubai:  17.00h

Kazakhstan: 19:00h

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